Introducing stunning fine art photographic giclée prints created by talented artist and photographer John Fritz! John’s photographs, some which are used by his artist wife Kathleen Chaney Fritz as reference for her paintings, have been transformed into beautiful pieces of art in their own right.

Each print captures the unique perspective and artistic vision of the photographer, showcasing John’s keen eye for detail and composition. The photographs themselves are works of art, imbued with emotion, mood, and story.

Printed using 100% cotton rag paper and archival inks, the prints are richly detailed and vibrant, with colors that pop and texture that brings the photographs to life. The images are available in a range of sizes and formats, making them perfect for any space, from home offices and living rooms to galleries and exhibitions.

Whether you're a lover of fine art, photography, or both, these prints will make a stunning addition to your collection. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of art created by this dynamic artistic duo!


Custom sizes available. Please call 800-347-9531


Three Friends (Mackinac Island MI)A Grand Stroll ( Grand Hotel – Mackinac Island MI)A Grand Trip (Mackinac Island MI)Autumn at the Fort (Mackinac Island MI)Bayview for Two (Mackinac Island MI)Island Uber (Mackinac Island MI)Blue Hour at the Carriage House (Mackinac Island MI)Boardwalk Stroll (Mackinac Island MI)Carriage House Walk (Mackinac Island MI)Christmas Delivered (Mackinac Island MI)Hoban Street (Mackinac Island MI)Inn on Mackinac (Mackinac Island MI)Little Stone Church (Mackinac Island MI)Lone Island Tree (Mackinac Island MI)Main Street Night (Mackinac Island MI)Mission Point (Mackinac Island MI)Mission Point Gazebo Autumn (Mackinac Island MI)Round Island Light (Mackinac Island MI)I'm a Horse of Course! (Mackinac Island MI)Silent Night (Mackinac Island MI)St Anns in Fall (Mackinac Island MI)St Anns From Water (Mackinac Island MI)The Olde Island Chrissy (Mackinac Island MI)To the Grand (Mackinac Island MI)Windermere at Night (Mackinac Island MI)Windermere Porch (Mackinac Island MI)Martinek's Clock (Traverse City MI)Double Parked (Mackinac Island MI)Grand Arrival