If you have enjoyed the many splendors of Michigan: boating on the Great Lakes and bicycling Mackinac Island, climbing the sand dunes at Sleeping Bear, dipping toes in the crystalline water and fine sand beaches at Leland, touring the vineyards at Grand Traverse, fishing near sunset at Harbor Springs, enjoying the resorts at Charlevoix, watching the waves break at the Grand Haven lighthouse, and feeling the power of the thunderous Tahquamenon Falls, then you will delight in visiting this exhibition.

Kathleen, one of Michigan's most talented artists, is particularly noted for capturing so beautifully and perfectly the essence of Michigan as we all enjoy it.  From a solitary rowboat amidst the lake grass to sailboats returning at dusk, trillium and lilies from our woods and backyards, children playing on the beach, apples picked fresh off the tree, the art of Kathleen Chaney Fritz reminds us of the days of our youth and summer vacations with our children.

Her imagery is timeless; her paintings awaken the senses and allow us to revel in the beauty that is unique to our Great Lakes State.  Enjoy Michigan at its very best through the eyes of a real treasure, Michigan painter extraordinaire, Kathleen Chaney Fritz.

A graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design, Kathleen worked for many years as a free-lance illustrator, honing her skills in drawing and her ability to quickly deliver on a variety of projects.  In 1986, following the overwhelming success of her first poster, a commemorative watercolor for the prestigious Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair, Kathleen began to focus on her career in fine arts.  

Although the scenes depicted in a Chaney Fritz painting may be familiar -- Michigan sand dunes, boats on the Great Lakes and carriages on Mackinac Island, as examples -- each painting is an original composition rather than a photographic rendering.  "They still have the brush strokes of the painter," said one art critic.

It is Kathleen's vision and her eloquent portraits of the Michigan scenes she enjoys that are so captivating by those fortunate enough to see or own them.  She displays amazing talent in capturing with paint and brush the feelings she senses and wishes to share.  The water reflections, the shadows, the brilliant sun, the textures of flower petals, amazing vistas all come to life in the paintings by Kathleen Chaney Fritz.

   Roy Saper Saper Galleries (2009 Award of Excellence - Art Business News)